Coffee Station Furniture January 17, 2019

Coffee Station Optional Design Choice

Coffee Station – A few months ago in one of my videos I told you that I was

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Red Accent Wall Colors December 14, 2018

Choosing Accent Wall Colors

Accent wall colors – If you want to create a modern look or simply add visual

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Fun Chalkboard Designs November 4, 2018

Decorating Ideas with Chalkboard Designs

Chalkboard designs – Laces are not only for classrooms anymore. Chalkboard

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Nice Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood November 2, 2018

Best Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood

Ceramic tile that looks like wood come in a variety of styles and colors. One of the

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August 24, 2018

Creative with Diy Candle Holders

There’s nothing like the soft, flickering glow of the candles to create an

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Grey Room Paint June 8, 2018

Grey Room Color Themed

In a small room, moldings should be one color darker than the wall color. This

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