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December 14, 2018 DECORS

Choosing Accent Wall Colors

Accent wall colors – If you want to create a modern look or simply add visual interest to a living room or hall, an accent wall can do the job. Paint a wall in a slightly brighter or darker shade than the adjoining walls can have surprising visual impact. Deciding whether the color is a matter of personal taste and consideration for existing interior and wall colors. Have some fun changing the look of your home with this simple ornamental technique.

Bedroom Accent Wall Colors

Bedroom Accent Wall Colors


12 Inspiration Gallery from Choosing Accent Wall Colors

Image of: Unusual Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Tansy Accent Wall Colors
Image of: System Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Red Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Original Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Modern Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Interest Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Innovative Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Grey Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Brown Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Best Accent Wall Colors
Image of: Bedroom Accent Wall Colors

Take photos with precise colors in the room that you are going to paint for a home improvement store or color trade. Be careful the pictures include furniture, accessories and drapes. Compare some paint chips in colors that you like to the photographs. Choose accent wall colors that match a color in a decorative pillow or other smaller element in the room, such as a painting or trim. Select colors that will also improve the layout of the room. This will make the short wall be closer.

Tape different color marks on the wall that you plan to paint. Notice how each color looks like in daylight and compare it with night lighting. Choose the one that looks best in any type of lighting. Match shine with adjoining walls when buying your accent wall colors. For example, if the other walls of the room are painted in semi-gloss, choose a semi-glossy shine for your accent wall.

Tips and warnings

If you have difficulty choosing accent paint, paint your accent wall in the same color as the adjacent wall but two shades darker. Warm colors (red, oranges, yellow and brown) will expand the look of your room, and cool shades (shades, green, blue) will reduce it.

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